In-House Diagnostics and Lab Work For Your Convenience

Receive everything you need for your pet's treatment in one place

There's nothing more stressful than being forced to shuttle your sick pet between specialists just to treat one problem. Bring them to the Southside Pet Hospital and get everything you need in one facility. Our hospital features an in-house diagnostic center in order to provide immediate testing and prompt results for what ails your pet. Our on-site diagnostic services include:

•Blood counts
•Blood chemistry
•Lyme-Heartworm testing
•Digital x-rays, and more

You'll get peace of mind faster than ever with results emailed directly to you after testing has been completed. Once the results of your pet's tests have returned, our team of practitioners will consult with you regarding the best health care solutions. Make an appointment at Southside Pet Hospital to run diagnostic testing on your furry friend.

Fully understand what your pet is facing

Before taking action, you need to know exactly what is ailing your pet and how to combat it. Southside Pet Hospital uses state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to do a full work up of your animal to give you the most accurate diagnosis. We'll discuss the results of your pet's diagnostic tests and walk you through any medical issues we find, recommending the best treatment plans to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Know what you're up against or eliminate certain medical conditions with accurate testing. Call to inquire about diagnostic testing availability at Southside Pet Hospital today.

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